Employee Involvement programs (Employee Idea Mgmt) – We can foster significant involvement from your employees in providing ideas to improve your business processes. We provide an automated program to solicit and evaluate employee ideas that will generate savings and quality improvement.  We can also can show you proven strategies to motivate employees and help customize your program to ensure success for your organization.

Workforce Management Program Enhancement – We can evaluate your labor management program and provide recommendations to improve manager’s commitment and operational results. Sample of components reviewed include: program infrastructure, metrics, reporting, education, and program management.

Productivity Management Education – We can provide a coordinated management development education series for Senior Leaders and Department Management on how to manage labor costs, develop accountability programs and optimize hospital productivity. Key topics include managing supplemental labor, managing core staff, how to manage in non revenue (support) departments, how to understand productivity and how to correct labor variances.

Process Improvement Engagements – We can lead employee teams to address a specific operational issues.  We guide them in identifying  root causes to defects and throughput problems. Then developing recommendations to effectively address those root causes and a plan to implement and sustain those improvements.  We use concepts of LEAN, six sigma, systems design, and scientific problem solving.  This collaborative approach provides expertise in resolving issues while developing your resources to make future improvements independently.