Why Employee Involvement programs make sense

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Some people have a misconception that it is every employee’s job to suggest ways to improve processes at their company. But many employees don’t because there is no direct benefit to do so. This article explains why an employee involvement program can help an organization harvest new ideas, build trust through consistent dialogue, and save money.

Harvest New Ideas.   In today’s workplace, it can be difficult arrowupto connect with employees and earn their support for running a cost-effective business. Yet, employees are probably the single largest un-tapped resource for identifying service improvements and controlling costs.  Today’s workplace has many more “knowledge workers” than in the past.  And people are changing jobs faster than ever before.   Often, new employees bring similar experiences from other employers that will apply and in many cases will improve upon the job you hired them to do.   Employees are looking for ways to contribute to your success.  They have tons of ideas, and with the proper structure, they are willing to share them with you.   An Employee Involvement program can provide the proper incentives to induce new ideas, and provide appropriate feedback to harvest employee’s creativity on an ongoing basis.

Ensure Dialogue and Build Trust.   Employees who feel they can express themselves, and have their ideas genuinely considered, will develop a strong loyalty and trust with your organization. But they watch to see if you are consistent, fair, and responsive to them when they provide input.  If you ignore them, or dismiss their comments, they will sense that your organization doesn’t value employees.  Establishing an Employee Involvement program actively shows your listening and provides a consistent way of addressing employee input.  This consistent dialogue will help develop more trust from the employee in the company.  This lead to less complaining about the way things get done, more cooperation with implementation of new programs and systems, and less legal hassles related to employees.

Save Money.   Many implement Employee Involvement programs on this benefit alone.  Employee Involvement programs are not costly to run, easily pay for themselves through savings from ideas, and provide a strategic process to quickly implement cost saving and quality improvement ideas.   Also, the cost savings generated is often substantial and grows exponentially since most ideas implemented provide annual savings that occur year after year.  It simply makes sense to have incentives for all employees

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